Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Posh Gyal

If you would ask Chantel Cupid-Bobb better known as Hollybobb, if it’s possible to breathe fashion. Without a brief hesitation she would definitely let you know that it’s possible. “Fashion is my life I live, breathe, and eat fashion“. With a major in Fashion Merchandising and Business Management, helps her be defined as a stylist.  If her credentials doesn‘t intrigue you, when it comes to putting together an outfit “I’ve got it” she says. Hollybobb has the fashion styling thing down packed. “My job as a fashion stylist is to make a person look and feel beautiful, and in the case of professional fashion styling, to make the clothing itself shine. A good fashion stylist is a treasured commodity, as the best will take anyone and make them shine, choosing clothing and accessories that highlight the best features of the individual, and working with makeup and hair stylists to ensure they look at their best anytime they are in public“.
You won’t catch Chantel doing a lousy job, she told us “I’m very passionate about anything that I do and very motivated to take my projects to the next level“.  When you’re good at something you sometimes have a general overview of the profession. Hollybobb is extremely knowledgeable of different garments, styles, and fashion trends. You have to have the ability of a strong sense of fashion and creativeness in this field with coming up with many different ideas. I can create an image that sends a message through you as a person that will make statements. “When it comes to fashion I’m very passionate about anything that I do and very motivated to take my projects to the next level.  I have a solid knowledge of different garment, styles, fashion trends and what looks good on different body structures. When evaluating specific fashions to be displayed; I can recognize what’s going to catch the eye of the public. I’m also big on “dare to be different” because people don’t always want to see the same looks over and over. I’m not scared to go out of the ordinary because creativity leads to success.When asked what she had on her resume previously she said, “Last summer I assisted celebrity stylist FelipeG (Celebrity Stylist) with a few projects that he was working on; styling celebrities and creating looks for fashion shows. This was a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge on what this industry is really like and I gained a lot of useful information. We grew a strong bond and until this day we still work together. I was also a hairstylist and a make-up artist for proms and a couple of photo-shoots; those were gigs that I did on the side“. She thinks this was the motivation she needed to start her own blog.
In the future she plans on accomplishing her own line of clothing and have a posh boutique of her own“. In my opinion their couldn’t be a more motivated inspirational human being able to walk the gravel and dirt. She has this professional demeanor about herself, which can only be replicated by successful people. We’ve Known Hollybobb for almost 4 years. I believe you clique with people that are on the level you are personalizing, that’s why our report is so immaculate. Her minds set is following a path of better and she’s more focused than concentration. A person we expect nothing but greatness from, so people look out for the wonderful young business women.

When you have ideas don’t keep them at a standstill, put them in motion because you never know what opportunities awaits you“. Chantel Cupid-Bobb (HollyBobb)

                               Follow her @PoshGyal and http://www.poshstylestatus.blogspot.com/

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  1. I really appreciate the love from Brocomm both Chad and Hugo. These guys are truely talented and great things are awaiting their future. I hope that a lot of people recieves something from the post. This is just the beginning of something great, and I am going to bring forth awesome things in this industry. Follow my lead, You won't be steered wrong. . . .

    Thanks Brocomm,
    HollyBobb (Posh)